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Our Bikes

Woodelo frames can be used all year round and cleaned like any other high end bike

In a Nut Shell

Woodelo are in the business of making frames for riders who appreciate the design, craftsmanship and innovation that goes into each frame. We do this in as ethical and sustainable a way as possible and also ensure that we’re as open and honest about all our processes as possible. Except perhaps with some of the specific techniques we’ve developed - after all we need to keep some of the mystery!

Each Woodelo frame is the epitome of hand craftsmanship with the finish alone taking 16 man hours. Fine layers of epoxy and polyurethane coatings are worked back to a satin finish so that the final surface has the feeling of untreated wood - while retaining the durability of fully painted frame. Woodelo frames can be used all year round and cleaned like any other high end bike. We’re often asked about durability and while we wave good bye to every new bike we build, we also ride our own creations ourselves, all year round without issue. Our frames are tested to EN14781 European safety standards.

Warranty & Replacement

There is a 10 year warranty on Woodelo frames - against defects in materials and manufacture to the original owner. Frames will be replaced or repaired as we see fit. We want to keep you riding if your frame is damaged in a crash or accident, so we will offer a replacement at a significant discount from retail price.

Award Winning

Who doesn’t like a pat on the back now and then. And what better boost than picking up a couple of awards. At our first show, Bespoke 2013, we were awarded 'Best New Builder' - quite an accolade considering it came from lovers of traditional steel frames! 2014 saw us go one better with the recognition of the Judges for ‘Best Alternative Material’, and most pleasing, the Public Vote for ‘Best in show’. But don’t just take the judges final word... check out one of our bikes for yourself and see what all the fuss is about!

Bespoked 2013

Woodelo - Best New Builder

Bespoked 2014

Woodelo - Best Alternative Material

Bespoked 2014

Woodelo - Public Vote for Best in Show

Fact 01

Strong, Stiff

Wood is a naturally stiff and sturdy material, due to the way it grows over time to resist forces from all directions.

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How to Order

Contact Woodelo directly to order your bike. Just email us, or pick up your phone and give us a call. We would love to hear from you. +353 51347644